Our Team Is The Heart Of Our Business

Meet The Team

Fit for Service has a mission that is two-fold. We want to provide the best quality lawn care AND provide an environment for young adults to learn and experience the value of hard work, doing a job with excellence, building a business, relating to clients, working well as a team, and treating others the way we want to be treated.

Our team consists of seasoned and experienced lawn care technicians who come alongside our newer members to supervise and train them. They learn to use the equipment safely and correctly and to be attentive to details.

Our clients see how valuable they are to us because our team knows if someone comes out of their home, they are to turn off the equipment and meet them to see if we can help or address their concerns. We want to know what you like so we can provide the services you find most valuable. As our team members do this, they build communication skills and good business practices that greatly impact their future and build character. The biggest benefit of this is for our clients who receive top-notch lawn care while partnering with us to provide an environment for our team to learn lifelong skills.