If weeding = not your favorite thing

In the weed vs. you battle, we’re your secret weapon. Our gardeners know how to tell a dandelion from a dahlia and a mallow from a morning glory. In fact, we’re so super quick at weeding gardens that you’ll actually find yourself going outside more often and enjoying the beauty and relaxation that you originally looked forward to.

DSCN2405And if you need some help with planting and even advice on which plants or flowers to purchase, we can help there too. It’s all a part of the level of service you’ll enjoy as a Fit For Service Lawn Care client.

Fresh mulch is like the icing on a cake. It brings your beds to life, shows off your plants, and helps keep the weeds away. We can edge your beds and add new mulch on short notice. When you are having a get together at your place, let us help you spruce it up.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by nature, give us a call at 815.762.2083 or contact us online. We’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.

We’ll help get you back to enjoying nature!